Prosperity Financial Consulting was born in 2009 after an idea from three financial advisors who were tired of simply selling.
More than that, they were seeking independency to analyse the market as a whole and offer an impartial and world-class service to its clients.

Our work is directly connected to our client's goals and helping them to evaluate it. We analyze each financial profile individually, life objectives and the financial appetite compared to the risk. After that, we develop an asset management planning and accurate wealth protection.

We take advantage of our team's intellectual capital, looking for a range of investment solutions markets, including fixed income, stocks, funds and alternative investments in all major global markets.
We also recommend selected banking facilities.

Through this and other solutions, we offer a custom and personal advice. And, as our client's goals keep changing, we can adjust the route according each moment of their lives.

Portfolio Guidance

For the last 10 years, our daily work is to seek for the ideal solution for our investors. Our consultants work with return measures adjusted to risks, seeking to optimize the suggested portfolio.

For each return objective, we search for the minimum exposure to risk as possible (less volatility). Special products, modern management tools and a strict risk analysis open an important variety of investments for each investor profile.

Our analysis, by the geographic point of view, have global coverage. We continually seek for new opportunities for our clients, without letting go our main proposal - a solid performance throughout the years.

At Prosperity, we work 24/7 for our clients not be surprised by economic or political turbulences. Always with one single goal:
to protect your wealth.

Long Term Accumulation

If we're talking in long term, we have the most important factor on our side: time.

On long term, periods longer than 10 years, equities tend to feature better results than fixed income in more than 95% of cases.

Also, when we have time on our side, we can structure products with principal protection, which means, the investor never loses, even if markets get losses.

Long Term Accumulation

The importance of start early

Would you like a financially secure retirement?
Or do you prefer to count every penny?

Early investments can make all the difference.

See it yourself through the below chart:


The numbers above were based on monthly contributions of US$ 1,000 until the retirement age of 60 years old was reached. The charts compare contributions beginning at 30, 40 and 50 years old, respectively.

Retirement fund's projected values were based on a return of 6% annual with no withdrawals.

Educational Planning

The most valuable gift you can give for your children

A first class private education means better opportunities for your children to reach a successful career. One great gift a parent could give for your son is the possibility to have the best university education.

Through products made specifically for this end, our clients can save to their children's future with advanced time, thus guaranteeing a great opportunity for them to develop a career in their own country, in United States or Europe, without this meaning it will affect the family savings in a significant way.

Statistics clearly show that, the better educational level of a person, the highest will be the possibility of him/her obtain better incomes, as well as good job offers.

A proper financial planning will help your children to cover the high costs associated with a first level education, expanding their possibilities, as soon as they graduate. The difference between the generated income, according to educational level, gets higher each time.

Have you thought how you’re going to pay for your children’s education?

Educational Planning

Average income, annually, according to educational level:

Educational Planning

How much does it cost to access a first level education?

As reflected on the chart, costs for your sons until they finish a 4 years college keeps increasing significantly over the last 30 years. Besides, university inflation through the last years keep increasing in 6%.

It is estimated that, in the near future, if a long term planning is not prepared, only a few can access a first class education and, in consequence, the upcoming benefits it will offer.

University inflation per decade (USD)


Educational Planning

University inflation

A University inflation is notoriously higher than overall inflation. This makes the task of saving for children's education even harder, if you don't have a financial structured planning.


Educational Planning

College costs also go through a sustained growth year after year.

Have you thought how you’re going to pay for your children’s education?

College costs also go through a sustained growth year after year. Investments on college costs associated with a 4 years college degree in a first class public university on US can cost approximately US$ 100,000, and expenses in a private university can reach up to US$ 225,000.

Projections for 2019 estimates these expenses may reach US$ 117,000 in public universities and up to US$ 258,000 in private colleges.


Educational Planning

Do you know what the college cost of your children's education will be?

The following table sums up expenses from some of the best colleges in Europe and US.

If we add also inflation costs, we will be even more sure that savings for our beloved one's education should start as soon as possible.


Global HealthCare Coverage

Have you wondered about the financial consequences a health condition may cause to you or your family?

A study conducted by Harvard Medical University shows that more than 50% of bankruptcies result from diseases and health conditions. Technological gap in developing countries is too risky and, with that, the best local health plans, many times, are not able to provide access to the best treatment nor the best technology to assist on a more serious disease.

There are products developed specifically to provide comprehensive protection worldwide, a ideal scenario to people of families who live outside US and need International coverage, including in US. Comprehensive plans offer to insured the possibility to offer medical care in any part of the world.

Main benefits in these plans include:

  • - Guaranteed renewability
  • - Worldwide coverage, including the US
  • - Maternity benefits and complication of pregnancy included
  • - Organ transplant
  • - Remote second medical opinions and patient concierge services
  • - Travel assistance included
  • - Deductible forgiveness for good claims history
  • - Waiver of premium payments upon death of primary insured

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